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ďKata is the heart and soul of Karate.Ē


Interview by Eddie Morales

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My name is Eddie Morales and welcome to Online Martial arts magazine. I want to introduce our readers to Soul -Ki Peter Flores Sr. Soul -Ki Flores comes from a time when the evolution of Martial Arts was flourishing in New York City. He has always put his heart behind his Martial Arts practices as he maintained a mental posture of sincerity and dedication, throughout the years. To watch him teach is to see a man that loves his work with an impassioned eagerness. While he appreciates the new, he maintains the integrity of the old way. Soul -Ki Flores is a stickler for the effectiveness of technique and believes that everyone should train in some form of Martial Arts. His belief is that the discipline and peace of mind that is gained would help you succeed in any part of your life. From speaking to him I understand and moreover feel the vision he has for the future of Martial Arts. He maintains that quality of instruction and practice are key factors to advancement in Martial Arts or any endeavor. We here at are happy to bring you this interview and hope you enjoy it.


PETER FLORES JR AND SR Where are you originally from?


PETER FLORES SR: Spanish Harlem, in New York City. What is your occupation?


PETER FLORES SR:  I work for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation- Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer.



WILD CAT MOLINA AND FLORES When did you begin your Martial Arts training and with whom?


PETER FLORES SR: In 1959 with my original mentor and older brother, Vincent Flores aka Bruce Moore, Jr. How has Martial Arts training helped you in your daily life?


PETER FLORES SR: It has made all other challenges seem less challenging.
 Who in your life influenced you the most regarding Martial Arts and or life in general?


PETER FLORES SR: My Sensei, Grandmaster Peter George Urban and my mother Blanca Flores. You mentioned Peter Urban as your influence, was he your direct instructor and if so, how did he influence you?


PETER FLORES SR: Grand Master Peter George Urban was indeed my direct Teacher. He and I spent many hours talking about the direction of the Martial Arts, when it really started to get popular back in the early 1970's. His influence on me is multi faceted, from the way I teach to the way I live. Sensei encouraged me to "Do my own thing." He certified my system, in writing, on December 6, 1978.
 Do you practice or believe in Kata (Pre arranged movements) and if so, why?


PETER FLORES SR: Yes, Kata is the heart and soul of Karate. The technical aspect is that it develops coordination of physical movement while providing an outline to study in regards to technique with the addition of being able to know at any given time if you have improved. In addition Kata allows the practitioner to train on their own until they can train with a partner. It allows you to study through pre-arranged movement and be oneself by oneself. Many think itís a waste of time because they donít equate the Kumite (fighting) practice to it. Once you have understood that it works together then you begin to understand its value. Do you believe that Martial Arts is good training for children and why or why not?


PETER FLORES SR: Yes, the physical exercise coupled with the mental training helps them develop a strong foundation. This in turn impacts the way they react to everyday stress and life. It helps them become respectful and responsible adults.


Grand Masterís Earnest Hyman, Aaron Banks and Flores Do you believe itís beneficial to study with different instructors or systems and if so, why?


PETER FLORES SR: No, unless you study that particular system for at least 20 years. Do you study any form of weaponry?


PETER FLORES SR: Only the PR 24, which is tailored after the traditional Okinawa tunfa and adopted for law enforcement use. I am an instructor in its use and have taught at the Police Academy.
 In regards to training, do you train your students in the same fashion as you trained when you began in martial arts?


PETER FLORES SR: Basically the same way because I want them to have the same benefits of training that I received. What would you say is your greatest personal achievement in life?


PETER FLORES SR: Definitely My Children, though I must admit that their mothers did the real raising of them. Do you have long or short-term goals in regards to martial arts?


PETER FLORES SR: Thanks to you, half my goal was to be in a Martial Arts Magazine and share my thoughts. The other is to spread my system. Can you tell us about the system you teach?


PETER FLORES SR: The system is called Duro y Suave, Manos Vacias (Hard and Soft Empty hands). It is a very basic and the concentration is on building a strong foundation. It is a completely proven system of exercise and development. In plain language, a kick is a kick and a punch is a punch. I modified some of the katas and developed a few additional. I do not force my students to go to tournaments nor do I ban them from doing so. Those who go to tournaments seem to do well. Why did you name your system in Spanish?


PETER FLORES SR: The Spanish name was for cultural reasons just as Japanese, Okinawan and Chinese have their own way. It was a pride of heritage and love for the art. Are any of your family members involved in martial arts?


PETER FLORES SR: My older Brother, Vincent Flores and my son Sensei Peter Flores, Jr., who is a stickler for tradition.  Do they study the same system?


PETER FLORES SR: They both study Goju ryu Karate with different instructors and are dedicated to its lifetime practice.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


PETER FLORES SR: Retired from work as a Park enforcement officer and continuing my martial arts teaching.  Thank you for this interview and we here at wish you all the best.


PETER FLORES SR: Thank you for this opportunity.


The following documents explain the Title, Soul-Ki, The Patch and the founders certificate from Grand Master Peter Urban.




On Wednesday 12-22-2010 Soke Peter Flores Sr, promoted his son Peter Flores to the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt) at the White Flower Honbu Dojo, located in Spanish Harlem, New York City. The ceremony was also an announcement that he would be the successor of the system. Both I Eddie Morales and my staff congratulate his accomplishments and wish you both future success.